Buffy Summers (theslayer_buffy) wrote in walkwitheroes,
Buffy Summers

Who: Buffy & Those on the Bus
Where: The School Bus
When: Evening. Post-Apocalyptic Battle

Letting her eyes glaze over, Buffy watched out the window of the school bus as the road and trees passed. She couldn't believe that barely hours before, she was in the fight of her life. The fight that could have truly ended her life, her friends' lives, and the rest of the world. But, she had beat back the rising darkness. Again. And now she had an army of Slayers to fight whatever was coming next. And there always was something next. As cliche as it sounded, there was no rest for the wicked.

She saw a sign that read Los Angeles 53 miles.

They'd be there soon. For a pit stop at least. She wasn't sure if she was ready to live in Los Angeles again. It was a little too...crowded. And it wasn't really her city. That was always part of her problem. She had to be number one wherever she was. But...she didn't think she could ever be the one anymore. Or at least the one and only. She had to share everything with hundreds, maybe thousands of other girls. If that was so, then why did she still feel such a heavy burden? The world wasn't hers alone to carry anymore. Then, why did she feel so--she couldn't even really describe it. Empty maybe? Maybe.

She glanced around at the bus full of people. Girls were sleeping or nursing wounds, and her friends looked simply exhausted. She couldn't blame them. She was exhausted. She wanted to take Faith's idea and sleep for a week, but she couldn't. She could never rest. She could never relax. No rest for the heroes either.

Plus, everything was so different now. And everything needed taking care of.

Los Angeles 47 Miles.

They'd be there soon.
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She was drained. Yeah, of course she was. That spell took a lot out of her, but what scared her the most was that she wasn't *more* drained. So much power, it was the idea of the alluring dark side that scared Willow the most. It was still there, didn't matter what she made herself and mostly her friends believe. It would probably always be there.

For now she had a good grip on it though, the source she had used to turn all potentials into Slayers had been of the good. Lucky for her, not so lucky for Spike. Wow, the guy had totally gone up in flames. Saving the world. Spike saving the world. Who'd a thunk that a while back when he was still going around threatening Buffy and all that...stuff? Though, Willow thought Buffy had never seen Spike as much as a threat.

And now here they were, on their way to LA. To the other souled vampire and all that. Hopefully Angel would be able to help them out for a bit. Willow knew for a fact that the vampire had this huge hotel with lots and lots of rooms all free and ready to be used. After some cleaning and stuff. Cordelia would be so happy. Though, the last time Willow had seen her she'd been...pregnant.

Darn, in all the commotion she still hadn't been able to tell Buffy about the Angel soul business. Lots of things had changed in LA, mostly the people there. Would they even be welcome? They had been kinda in the middle of a clean up after their own Armageddon and...stuff. She was to tired to think about anything anymore.

Sighing, she leaned her head against the window and took in the rest of the passengers. Everyone looked all kinds of tired. Some sleep would do them good. At least now they could sort of sleep, without the first lurking about to wake them up with nightmares. Willow still remembered Tara... Sweet, sweet Tara.

Turning in her seat, she faced her friend and gave Buffy an attempt of a smile. "You think we should head over to the Hotel Angel has or... you know, find another place? You know of anything? Being from LA and all that."
Buffy drew herself out of her daze as she noticed Willow's slight smile. She sat up as the witch spoke and gave her a weak shoulder shrug.

"I think Angel's old place is probably the best place to start," she said, glancing at the bus full of tired friends and now Slayers. "If anything, we can just rest up for a day or two, get situated, and go from there."

Though she wasn't walking, she felt as though she was dragging herself to L.A. Seeing Angel was something she was...well, dreading wasn't the right word... More like, not particularly looking forward to. After losing Spike and then having to see Angel, it was just too much for her to handle. She was totally cool with being way avoidy for the time being. Avoidy and sleepy. Those were two beautiful words in her opinion.

She took a breath before talking to her most likely exhausted best friend again, "If...If Angel happens to call to, you know, check in or something, do you think you could maybe...handle it? Talking to Angel is just...something I would like to not do for now," she reached up to brush blonde hair out of her eyes, "Is that okay? I just...I know that's asking a lot. I'm sorry, Will. I don't even know what I'm thinking or what to do. About all of this, really." What she wanted to do was collapse. To sleep for days. To not save the world again. But, what she should do is talk to Angel, face the world, face the girls' whose lives she'd changed, and probably save the world again.

After a pause, and as more of an afterthought, she said, "But, yeah, let's just head to the Hyperion for now."